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US and Canadian Comedy Open Mikes

User profile: Yung Punch


The Hip-Hop industry is no longer a place where a one dimensional artist can't wear the business hat. Rappers are just as mainstream as anyone else when it comes to the advertising & business world. Enter the next generation of Brooklyn Hip-Hop Entrepreneurs and you will come across Yung Punch.

The same projects Jay-Z paid cautionary homage to on the classic "Where I'm From", is where Yung Punch initially did his thing as young boy. At 11 years old he became known in his hood for his punchlines. Eventually people started calling him Punchlines. A decade later, Yung Punch has refined his craft, shortened his name, and has armed himself with a barrage of songs intended for all listeners. Standout tracks include the street heater "Wavin da .44" and the club blazer "Bottles Up" yet Punch is extremely versatile as his music is reflective of his experiences in NYC coming up in Bedford Stuyvesant.