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US and Canadian Comedy Open Mikes

Frequently Asked Questions

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have a question that's not answered here or on the main page.

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I can't log in to my account

If you're seeing an "unknown email address or password" error, it's possible that you simply don't have an account. You don't need to register to add a listing, add comments/corrections (in the comments/corrections box on each open mike page), etc. You get some extra capabilities if you do register (see the help page for details) but it's completely optional.

How do I add an account photo or avatar?

First, register and login as described above. Second, using the same email address, create an account at Gravatar, and upload your photo per their instructions. Your photo will now be available alongside your comments on and many other sites.


How can I add a listing?

Just fill out the form. Anyone can add a listing – not just hosts and club owners. In fact, most of our listings come from visitors like yourself. Corrections, updates, cancellation notices, and so on are also very much welcome; every listing has a "comments/corrections/suggestions" box. Use it liberally.

How can I edit my open mike listings?

See the help page for a step-by-step guide.

Why hasn't my Open Mike shown up on the site yet?

For a number of possible reasons, elaborated here. As a rule, give it a couple of days before assuming something's gone awry.

That club is closed / open mike is gone / etc., why are you still listing it?

Because this is the first we've heard of it. Clubs don't generally contact us when they close or drop / change / reschedule an open mike. Just as with submissions, we can only list what we've been told. Submitting cancellations, changes, etc. is just as important as submitting new nights -- if not moreso. Outdated listings are of no use to anyone. So by all means, use the comment box following each listing, and let us know where we're wrong.

What time does the club open? Can I bring my dog?

We have no idea. Comments sent via our site do not go to the club, they just come to us, for possible inclusion as extra information along with the Open Mike listing. If you need to contact the venue, please use the web site link (from the club's name) if available, or the contact phone number, which we always provide.

Can I submit a comedy or spoken-word Open Mike?

Actually, now you can. When submitting a night, you can tell us whether the night is for music, comedy, poetry -- or any combination of the three. The night will then show up on one or more of,, or

My open mike has a sign-up fee. Is that OK?

Yes and no. "Yes" because, obviously, you're free to run your night as you please. "No" in that you can't list it here. Charging a cover, drink minimums, etc. for everyone is just fine, but if extra payment is required to get on stage, you'll need to look elsewhere for free publicity.


Why, not

I'll defer to Sam Bayer's explanation. His opinions on this run a good deal stronger (and more entertaining) than mine, but then I'm not a linguist.

Why is this open mike listed at 7pm, when the music starts at 8?

Wherever possible, we try to list the signup time, not the performance time. Our listings are aimed at performers, so the time that matters is the time by which they should arrive to sign up. If you wanted to play, and showed up at 8pm to find the list full, how happy would you be?

Mic vs Mike - the One True Stat

Where do things stand in the always controversial, always pointless "mic-vs-mike" battle? listings spelling it...
"mic": 274
"mike": 239