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US and Canadian Comedy Open Mikes

User profile: Yoshi


"Yoshi" or "Yosh"... formerly the "Yosh" in an acoustic duo out of St. Louis called "Sully-N-Yosh". Both Yosh & Sully are still working together, but due to the fact Yosh has now left "Belle-Vegas" and Sully is still in the St. Louis are they find it's few and far between. Mostly now they work individually doing solo projects, but hopes are to eventually get back after it together. Originally from all over the place as Yosh's Father an US Air force Officer for 25 yrs. He has lived in the west, the east, the mid west, the south... even lived over seas in Europe for many years. Due to being a military brat, a Judo athlete, and a musician... Yoshi has never lived in one city for more then 5 yrs. His father is one of the H.S. national team coaches for U.S. Judo, as well as a highly respected coach, father, and husband to Yosh's rock... his mother. Through thick and thin the one thing that he attributes much of his success to is the wonderful role models his parents played in his life. Yosh has been an Elite Judo Athlete for the United States as a junior and senior competitor, but no longer competitive. He likes to teach when he can find the time to, but w/ work and music finding the time to is a pretty hard task. He's been writing and composing original music since he was 15 when he only first picked up the guitar a year prior. With over 40 originals to this point and still going strong, Yosh's main focus right now other than making sure bills get paid is to put together a new album as well as get it out to the world. The material is there, and now currently he's trying to find musicians who may be a good fit to his style. With his lyrics being a medley of styles influenced by the flowing techniques of hip hop, alternative, as well as the conventional styles. His ability to put poetry in motion mixed with acoustic guitar that is based off of many influences from blues, jazz, classical, folk, alternative, rock, reggae, and r & b... finding the right band has been an exhausting process. He's played many venues from the mid west, west coast, and the south. Never anything on the east coast but he looks to change that soon, as well as to start venturing out of the U.S. After being selected from over 800 bands, Yosh played on the former nationally syndicated t.v. show "The Jenny Jones Show" winning the battle of the bands w/ his former duo Sully-N-Yosh. Yoshi now aspires to be the first Japanese-American solo artist to have a number one hit. "It's going to be a road that has never been traveled, but mark my words"... Yosh says, "I will be the first Asian solo artist to hit number one on the billboard charts. Mark my words"