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US and Canadian Comedy Open Mikes

User profile: Willie Williams


Well I'm A depressed stressed soul of a man. No rap name, no gimicks, I just do what I do, and I do it well. Probably the only mc you know to go to the streets, day-care, high school, college and kicked kicked out of all of them. Lol, the outcast of the world, because the world hates me too. I've had a fucked up life. I'm not looking for a deal, I just do what I do, hope I get paid so I can go to the next spot, and do my thing. Not really looking for change. I just want to travel really and be free. But I'm real as they come and only tell it how I see it. Luckily I got a mind to rhyme. That'll be the only thing that saves me and eventually bring me love....hopefully...but then again I don't care for the love either...I'm underground, but my mind is universal depending on the depth of the listeners.