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User profile: Vanna Ardor


Judging by her tattoos and piercings, one might expect the music of Vanna Ardor to be intense, hard-driving rock. This assumption would not be far from the truth. Her name alone incites passion, and when she takes the stage, the juxtaposition of abrasive and acoustic is enough to intrigue any audience. Past music endeavors have found Ardor collaborating with bands in the hardcore/metal scene, but as a solo artist, Vanna has traded a harsh sound for a vulnerable intensity. Hailing from Stow, OH, Vanna combines organic acoustic guitar with gentle folk vocals reminiscent of Dolores O'Riordan (of the Cranberries) to create a sound all her own. Self-described as "a drummer turned guitarist" Ardor's rhythmic instrumental arrangements are the momentum that push her voice to the forefront. Equipped with stories and original songs, she brings a certain presence to the stage, engaging with audiences on an emotional, relational and spiritual level. For Vanna, music is an experience that draws people out of loneliness, leading them to a refuge of healing. It also serves as a platform for her to share truth about personal struggle. By acknowledging painful issues and experiences Ardor has the opportunity to direct others to the hope that exists in following Christ despite circumstance. Ardor has performed in over twelve cities regionally, opening for national acts such as Brian Vander Ark from the Verve Pipe, Red Wanting Blue, Ligion, and Alathea. She is currently putting the finishing touches on a new EP to release early next year as well as working on completing her B.A. For booking, please contact Lori Shearer, Deliberate Progression,