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US and Canadian Comedy Open Mikes

User profile: Sun-Jay


With a new found Knowledge1 Of Self Perspectives Change...

I have to set a schedule... Let it put a confine on parameters so that I may "Perfect" my Circle. Redefine My Standards So that my mind is in Balance with the people I serve, who have need of a Ray or Beam or no way or means to fend for self. I must mend my "Knowledge1 of Self" in an effort to be whole.

In an effort to BEHOLD the light internal. The bright inferno. Fuel used to balance my physical and emotional health.

De-Parts-Mental Rely upon the "Company" I keep. With that said... Im coming from that Brooklyn Borough but never confined to a city or state... Always headed for the next venue or Cipher so Get at me! "This is a Third Eye Collective, 360 degrees and Never Seperate"