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US and Canadian Comedy Open Mikes

User profile: Stonecreek


Stonecreek is an acoustic 4 piece band

Our Instrumentation is Guitar, Banjo, Bass, Harmonica and Drums

Using acoustic instrumentation bringing a high energy show for all ages, with a twist most people find refreshing, entertaining and down right fun.

We are primarily a Country and Classic Rock group covering Classic Country favorites

as well as Classic Rock, Folk, Blues and Bluegrass.

Formed in 2006, we have gone through several changes and still managed to keep a pure entertainment value in a professional show.

Fast paced, high energy, with lots of crowd participation is always our aim for our fans.

Whether you're booking for a party or a club venue, Stonecreek delivers every time with a professionally performed show that is always entertaining and spontaneous.

Rarely working off of a set list and letting the mood of the crowd dictate which direction the show takes offers us the ability to cater to all types of crowds and venues.