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US and Canadian Comedy Open Mikes

User profile: Snatch Entertainment, LLC



Snatch Entertainment is an entertainment group based out of Newark, New Jersey. We are an organization whose purpose is simple: to change the dynamic of the arts from not just being an underground hobby, but a mainstream way of expression.

We are able to implement this by gathering artists from the Tri-State area to showcase their talents. Snatch is a family friendly environment which in turn gives the family another place to come together and bridge the gap amongst generations.

Majorally ran by females we do promote femininity, aim to empower women and advance gender equality. Snatch has also established a networking relationship with other young entertainment companies in the area. Which has help Snatchs mission on Cleaning the Community.

We strive on diversity within the organization which is trying to develop innovative and flexible solutions, to bring about change by encouraging the community to participate in positive activities.