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US and Canadian Comedy Open Mikes

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I'm a nearly 45 yr old female. The last time I was on a stage in front of people was in the 6th grade for our 'production' of "The Wizard Of Oz". I was Auntie Em. No one else wanted to be Em, but...'there are no small parts'....and what's the Wiz of Oz without, "Auntie Em!! I'm frightened! right?

I have never been the center of attention, nor have I ever sought that spotlight. But I do like to make people laugh, if I can.

I have always loved the simplistic, realistic insights of Bill Cosby. Gallagher cracks me up with the things we should all know but never gave a second thought to. Or recognized.

Steven Wright---how droll can you go? The fact that he never cracks a smile at his own humor endears me to him.

I've been a devoted follower of Last Comic Standing.

( I, personally, thought Dat Phan was OK, but that he needed to round his repetore into something other than his ancestry. I also liked Ralphie May-----but they both relied too much on the obvious.)

Now---if I were a Fat, Black, Irish, Jewish woman raised in Brooklyn-----

Unfortunately, I'm only 2 of those.