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Javion Shack Cleveland (Born September 9th, 1990) is best known by his stage name "Yung City" or just "City". He is of African-American and Dominican descent. City has 2 siblings on his mothers side, and 7 siblings on his fathers side. Born and Raised on the east side of Detroit on 7 mile road in a poverty stricken neighborhood, growing up was hard. " Shit I was bad as hell!, ( I ) was always outside playing with my friends, and loved to have little rap battles, ( I ) grew up alot with my moms cause' my pops wasnt really there" City said about his childhood. Cleveland sites Eminem, Mystikal, Ludacris, Tupac and Notorious BIG as early refrences. At the age of 9, Javion and his two brothers start the rap group QRJ (Quan, Rodney and Javion). The group worked together writing lyrics, but the group members did not take the music seriously. The group did get more serious about their music and changed the group name to "3D", later editing the name further to become "Dem 3D Boyz". The group moved gradually from writing songs about normal everyday activities to more urban topics, becoming more influenced by the things happening around them. After recording 19 songs the group split up. " We wasnt gettin' along, like, i know it sounds weird but were going through alot with our family. It was a group decision, it was hard but it was best." City says about the break up. Around the age of 13, City decided to be a solo rap artist and get serious with his music. He begain writing and recording whole songs on his own. At the age of 15, City moved out of East Detroit to a suburban city 15 minutes away. People knew about City's lyrical abilities on arrival, gaining him much attention. At the age of 16, Javion met Persia (Persia Michael S. Greene Milano) and J Flow (Jacob Jaster).The three immediatly formed the group City - Wyde, often times getting together to write lyrics and record music in J Flow's basement studio. After the groups attention going in different ways, the group made the decision to split up. After the split, City and Persia still often times worked together on music, sometimes not even on songs they were doing together. "Creative minds think alike and thats what we got in common. We basically put each other to the test, like we influence each other to write better. (And) Mothafuckas' gon' love it whenever we get on a track together because its definetly gon' be a hit, we never go soft, its like it doesnt matter if we go last on a verse. People (are) Never gon' turn it off when its me and Persia,"Put Da Gun To Yuh" is a prime example, mothafuckas' loved it" City says speaking on his relationship with Persia Grai. City and Persia recorded the single, "Put Da Gun To Yuh" and after that, took a break from rapping. "I just got so tired of gettin' something started, get so deep in it, then it just fall apart. I felt like after that, i was done with rap, i had no choice like i didnt know what to do, so i just quit rappin for 4-5 months." City says about his break. During his absence though, he was featured on other artists songs performing their hooks and sometimes adding a couple verses to songs, such as, Yung Jr's "Why You Actin Like That?", as well as "Bring It Back", "Oh boy", "How You Like It?", "City Slikers" and "Stomp Em' Out" . "Now im back on my shit, i dont care what nobody says rap is mine, this year is mine, thats why i call my self "Mr. Man Of The Year"." " Im back with a new swag, and now im with Jaw Droppin ENT. Its A Wrap"- City says about his current state in the rap game. City is an artist under the independent label, Jaw Droppin' Ent. He is also one half of the duo group "Two-Faced" with Persia grai, though both still consider themselves just as much Solo artists as they are a group. City is currently working on his mixtape, the 2-Faced Mixtape and CD, and his own CD.