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US and Canadian Comedy Open Mikes

User profile: James A Gross MD


I am a Called JIMMY GROSS the AGING TEEN who loves to write music,sing and play piano ,guitar and make people feel good. I once played the civic center and was a rising star in my heart. However I was given two career choices that would have been paid for. Doctor or Lawyer. That was crap but the choice was easy.

If you didnt know there are a large proportions of DOCTORS who want to be musicians.I happened to be one of them. I sing and play my guitar or a piano with a flowing combination of different artistes intertwined into one set.

Beatles,Tull,stones,Crosby stills,chuck berry,Otis Redding,some of my own material and whenever I play another artists song I have my own rendition that has my mark my sytle. I play mainly by ear and my voice carries me thorough the more complicated instrumental parts for an interesting harmonious sound. .

but no matter what Ill make you sing tap your foot clap your hands and maybe even shake it up abit. BUT I WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH. Jimmy Gross THE AGING TEEN