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US and Canadian Comedy Open Mikes

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"what you wain't for boy" my good friend mr frank brown spoke those words to me after i finally got 'round to play'n a couple songs for him...i can still see the sparkle in his tired old eyes as he spoke... frank drove a bus for mr bb king back in the day... met him at a blues festival years ago and he was a special friend... we took in lots of shows together... but i only played for frank once... he was staying with me for a bit... about three years back and becoming painfully obvious that he wouldn't be able to take care of himself much longer... anyway, after supper one night he pointed to my guitar and asked "why you ain't played me no songs on that thing?"... after obliging his request with two originals.... there was a long pause... he was sitting on the couch... a quiet sparkle of surprise in his eyes followed by that sweet stern look he'd give when he wanted to be taken seriously... the silence lingered... his gaze full of sincerity and wonder and love... with a touch of angry listen up... looking deep into my soul... in a pitch rising with tender firmness he slowly spoke..."what you wait'n for boy"... more nudge than question... those words are frank's parting gift to me... along with the fire his passing put in my belly...i ain't wait'n no more...on track and dreaming true...see you soon... dale