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US and Canadian Comedy Open Mikes

User profile: Brian Dickens


Brian Dickens was raised as a middle child in a 3 sibling family in MA for most of his life. He took an early interest in music when he joined the choir at his church at age 5. This is where he honed his singing skills until that happy time around age 12, when his hormones didn't want him to do those high notes anymore. His hair grew out, his voice deepened a bit, and he picked up the ol' gitbox. Writing his own music since he was 14, he performed his first original song in the Tim Touhey Art Gallery in NY for a very small crowd(most being relatives). His songs tell of dissappointment, life adventures and plain old bad love. So if you're into Bright Eyes, Dashboard or anything, take a spot out of your schedule to listen to Brian Dickens and his acoustic works.