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User profile: Barry Morrison


Barry Morrison (born March 20, 1949) is an American country music singer-songwriter and visual artist. His primary musical instrument is guitar. This multi-talented artists is largely identified with the counry-rock/americana genre (s) of music. He is best known for the cult classic "Snakey Hollow Stud"; a song which charted at the number one position on the Independent Country Music Charts. Several other of Morrison's releases charted with the top five during the period 1980 - 1993 with "There Ain't No Country" being the only other of his songs to reach the number one position. Morrison, to all extents and purposes, retired from the business of touring and performing music in 1993, however, a series of life-changing events and the offer to record his music on his own terms for a Nashville label brought him back to writing and performing music in 2007.

What others say about Barry Morrison:

"Morrison writes finely crafted country anthems that are by turn loving, dark and dangerous, and sings them with an amazing baritone voice that sounds like it's seen it's share of sin".

Betty Ellington Smith

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Award Winning Screen Writer

"I like the genuine, no frills, minimalist approach Morrison takes with his outstanding music and the unique sound he achieves as a result. The great quality of his music and his voice stands on it's own without any studio contrivance".

Paul Martin

Nashville, Tennessee

Former Lead Vocalist, Exile